One year Freegan Kolektiva

One Year Freegan Kolektiva Poster

Like today a year ago we uploaded our first post as Freegan Kolektiva, although the concept was older. We do not want to make a year’s review here – we just want to express our gratitude to our readers and collaborators and acknowledge these humble first steps that we have done so far.

Freegan Kolektiva’s passion is to inspire change, not through complicated and tardy bureaucratic processes, but directly through the hearts and minds of individuals and groups here and now. It is what we call a “lifestyle transformation”, carrying out a fulfilling life while consuming less and ethically, reclaiming food from wherever possible and practicing compassion to end systematic violence and exploitation.

Even though we know that a world free of violence and exploitation is impossible to be experienced in the near future, stepping out of the vicious circles of fear, convenience and complacency while improving the quality of our lives has been immanently real and satisfying.    We see the light and we walk towards it.

Any individuals and groups that would like to join us in meeting those ends or would like to propose a common project are kindly welcome to contact us.


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