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Festival Of Solidary Economy Greece

Over the last years we have witnessed the emergence of manifold initiatives like exchange networks, work collectives and producer-consumer platforms which operate in parallel to the conventional monetary system.

These initiatives often involve alternative currencies and aim at supporting the local economies, strengthening the local communities and meeting the real needs of the participants (in contrast to “supermarket consumerism”).

No matter how praiseworthy these brave new steps are in shaping a more compassionate economy and society, many initiatives are still in their infancy and often they involve only a limited, confined circle of people lacking broad public adoption.

This festival provides the first opportunity for all these initiatives to meet up, coordinate and present themselves to the public. Maybe the time has come for these networks of living solidarity to “mature” and penetrate deeper the much alienated social fabric.

Let’s push ourselves into a more ethical and compassionate future!

The festival will take place from October 19 to October 21 at the Cultural Centre of Elliniko, Vouliagmenis avenue (ex military base of USA), Athens, Greece.

There is an extensive programme for kids and adults in four different spaces all for free: workshops, presentations of different networks, discussions, exchange bazaars, screenings, exhibitions and many live concerts. Social kitchens will be set up by groups like Allos Anthropos and the currency of the festival will be 1 unit=1 food portion. So everybody can bring goods to exchange like processed foodstuff, clothes and books and even if she does not find anything to her linking she can try the delicious food of the festival.

In the official website you can check the programme in detail (in Greek).

Festival Of Alternative Economy Greece

Find out more about initiatives of living solidarity in Greece via Freegan Kolektiva:

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