Ross Daly and collaborators live in California

Ross Daly is a musician of immense gravity when it comes to Cretan folk music and not only. A music researcher, composer and

Ross Daly

Ross Daly

musician he gradually managed to put his vision in reality, releasing more than 35 albums, building the Labyrinth Musical Workshop in the island of Crete which is both an educational institution and a museum of folk instruments, maintaining a musical gathering with the world’s most renowned folk musicians every summer and performing all over the world.

Together with apprentice and long-time collaborator Kelly Thoma (Labyrinth) they will appear on stage with the folk duo Teslim (Kaila Flexer and Gari Hegedus) throughout California – in some locations the female vocal ensemble Kitka will perform as well. All of the artists share an exploratory character that is to a large extend inspired by the musical traditions of Greece, East Mediterranean and the Balkans.

The Labyrinth-Teslim quartet has been already working on different compositions that combine the



Cretan lyra on the one hand and string instruments (oud, saz, laouto) on the other. With the addition of Kitka they while create a live programme combining re-arranged versions of songs and melodies from Northern Greece and Epirus to Greek islands and the Near East.

They will present their take in contemporary modal music  (a term coined by Ross Daly himself), which builds on a free-form integration of newly-composed phrases from artists working in different model traditions. It can be seen as an evolution from static preservation of folk music to a continuation of tradition through genuine composition that reflects the inner world of the new artist himself (‘dynamic conservation’). For those living or travelling in California prepare for an extraordinary experience of intricate, mind-travelling, cultural music from East Mediterranean.

Below you can find the dates and location of this special mini-tour:

  1. October 18 / Riverside / Labyrinth, Teslim / Barbara and Art Culver Center of the Arts @ 3834 Main St. 2000h Admission Free
  2. October 19 / Santa Barbara / Labyrinth, Teslim, Kitka / UC Santa Barbara MultiCultural Center @ UCen Rd / Admission Free
  3. October 20 / Frazier Park / Labyrinth, Teslim / Work of Heart Gallery @ 3011 Mt. Pinos Way
  4. October 26 / Santa Cruz / Labyrinth, Teslim, Kitka / Santa Cruz Holy Cross Church @ 126 High St.
  5. October 27 / Oakland / Labyrinth, Teslim, Kitka / Oakland First Unitarian Church @ 685 14th Street
  6. October 28 / Davies / Labyrinth, Teslim / Village Homes Community Center @ 26631 Postage Bay E


Explore more music from Greece:

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  2. Psarantonis – epitome of deep-rooted tradition and genuine innovation
  3. Cultural and innovative: Daulute’s first steps into Cretan music
  4. AUditors DOmination – Palace of Light (2012, Timewarp music)

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