Music Review: Metranohm – Honey Badger EP

Metranohm Honey Badger

Genre: Bass Music / Dubstep

Region: Austin, Texas

Artists’ Website: Metranohm’s Official Website

Label: Gravitas Recordings

Release Date: June 12, 2012

There’s a lot of dubstep mid-range riffing out there, but what sets Metranohm apart is his keen sense for melody, tunefulness and Metranohmpalatability. ‘Break It Down’ is easily one of the most catchy tunes in bass music and I had tons of fun spinning it in my sets for more than a few times. Between glitch hop, electro and dubstep, ‘Break It Down’ features tribal drumming and brooding synths to be gradually transformed into a hefty, oozing yet melodious riff. The whole arrangement could be compared to a rock track.

‘Chilly Down’ is slow and meditative with some Eastern melodies soothing the insisting bassline. The title track continues where the opening track finished with multi-layered electro melodies until the classic bass drop at 0’:55’’ which gets creatively molded in various shapes to keep the dancefloor romping. Finally, ‘Jawa’ goes off the beaten track
with some cult mysterious samples, a funky uplifting bass section and some syncopated jungle beats.

Metranohm LiveMetranohm, born Andrew Winkler, put out an ambitious and interesting EP, sketching his own path in melodic bass music. If you find yourself gyrating in the sound heavy bass while appreciating Burning Man philosophy you should definitely check out ‘Honey Badger’. Do not forget to download for free Metranohm’s cover of Jane’s Addiction ‘Been Caught Stealing’


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