Music Review: Opiuo – Butternut Slap Part 2 EP

Opiuo Butternut Slap Part 2

Genre: Glitch-hop / Dubstep / Electro-funk

Region: Melbourne, Australia

Artists’ Website:

Label: Addictech Records

Release Date: June 22, 2012

Opiuo is one of the most gifted producers of electronic music out there, one of the few able to transfer an enormous amount of life and Opiuo Photopositive emotions through the digital media. His latest offering ‘Butternut Slap Part 2’ is not an exception. You will discover a whirlwind of kaleidoscopic sounds, mind-altering dancefloor beats and irresistible funky disco delights.

In a string of stellar releases, songs like ‘Don’t Hold Back’ can only push the Opiuo sound to broader appeal. Imagine super thick and chunky mid-range and low sounds in unison, IDM trickery, glitchy beams and some worked out funky vocals (courtesy of Syreneiscreamy) all in a tasteful blend. Another standout track is ‘Wiggle Sticks’, ultimately funky with a smashing, crowd-pleasing breakbeat, sax timbres and hand claps.

‘Butternut Slap Part 2’ is a good, more palatable intro to the colourful bass universe of Opiuo. Compared to the previous releases Opiuo LogoI can say that the sound is slightly more ‘serious’ and ‘rounded’ albeit maintaining a healthy dose of playfulness – vital for Opiuo’s ends. This EP is guaranteed to satisfy music lovers with interests that fall anywhere between All Good Funk Alliance, KOAN sound, Naive Machine and any skweee / glitch-hop producer as it can please any general funk and electronic music audiences.

Opiuo started getting involved in electronic music roughly 12 years ago, however his first outputs did not come out before 2009 with the EP ‘Physical Symptoms’, which you can download for free. Enjoying 5 EPs and one full length, Opiuo has travelled the world’s festival and club stages (e.g. Burning Man, Shambala), currently being on a North American tour with Vibesquad.


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