Ten Ton Digital Bass: Download 7FT Soundsystem’s Wicked Riddims

7FT Soundsystem Logo Image

It is time again to pump up the volume and turn on the subwoofers in Freegan Kolektiva to enjoy another heavyweight dub & dancehall duo in the Mungo’s Hi Fi / Jahtari / Riddim Tuffa Sound vein. Here is 7FT Soundsystem’s latest proof ‘Wicked Forces Riddim’:

We do not need to note again that there is a resurgence of early, slackness-free dancehall with a revamped, bass-addicted sound. At the 7FT Soundsystem Live Imagesame time dub is on the rise again (just check Wee Dub festival or Outlook festival) while Jathari’s arkanoid reggae propaganda has seriously infected the scene with impressive bits that meet the pervasive chiptune influence across genres from IDM to skweee and funky dubstep, all carefully placed under the umbrella of the burgeoning contemporary bass music.

‘Lonely Morning Refix’ is the second tune of 7FT Soundsystem we wanted to present here, a track unearthed from one of the most popular dancehall albums of the 1990s: Snow’s ‘12 Inches of Snow’. A daring yet smart choice for refix which brings in mind High Tone’s irresistible single ‘Dry’ (2006) with Shanti D on vocal duties.

7FT Soundsystem hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, is a musical project that was kickstarted back in 2010. Fro more info visit the official website.


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