Rootstep in heavy rotations – the ‘anti-babylon’ mixtape

Here is a fine Rootstep mixtape from Morris44 selecta from Poland. It is clear that reggae and bass music in general is growing in eastern Europe and the Balkans. This mixtape is focused on heafty beats and too-heavy-to-be-lifted basslines, including some well-know smashers in the genre like Radikal Guru’s ‘Kingston Town’ re-fix and RSD’s version of ‘Jah Rain’. Artists like 6Blocc, Tes La Rok, Pinch, RSD and Radikal Guru are some of the scene’s mainstays.

Reggae, dub and all the derivative forms of music have proved to be some of the most consistent media (almost 50 years now) for raising awareness against political elites and the privileged classes, violence, (neo-)colonialism, social injustice, corporate rule, environmental degradation and generally against the total decline of Western civilization. It is a movement that has started from the developing world, Jamaica, and through its struggle for black liberation has recognized at a very early stage this global systemic error we all experience (a.k.a. Babylon).


Here you can see the tracklisting of ‘Anti-Babilon Rootstep Session’:

1. Vex’d – Bombardment Of Saturn
2. Juju – Tribute
3. Babylon System & Noah D – Examination Of Time VIP
4. DEB Tribute
5. Rossi B & Luca – Enemy
6. Amy Winehouse (dubstep refix)
7. Selfsimilar – Rise
8. Radikal Guru – Kingston Town
9. 6Blocc – Haile Sellasie I
10. Tes La Rok – 1 Sound
11. Radikal Guru – Caravan
12. TRG – Killed it Dead (Emalkay Remix)
13. Taal Mala – Criminal Youths
14. 6blocc Babylonia
15. Pinch – Punisher (Loefah’s SE25 Remix)
16. Jah Rain (RSD Remix)


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