Music Review: Hatti Vatti ft. Cian Finn – You (Phaeleh / Indigo Mixes)

Hatti Vatti You Remix Cover

Genre: IDM / Dub

Region: UK

Artists’ Website: Hatti Vatti / Phaeleh / Indigo

Label: New Moon Recordings

Release Date: 28 March 2012

Hatti Vatti, born Piotr Kalinski, is a dubtech producer from Poland that really stands out with his deep, ‘aerial’ sound and his well-crafted songs like 2009’s captivating ‘Different Music’ (featuring Sara Brylewska) and 2011’s ‘Great’ with crucial UK chanter Echo Ranks. Last year he put out another astonishing track titled ‘You’ this time with upcoming singer Cian Finn.

What is common between all his tracks so far is the emotional delivery, creating an aura for self-reflection. There is an ability to struck the personal chords of the listener while coming close to his heart. Cian Finn vocals are heartfelt and the whole production is attuned to the style revealing Hatti Vatti’s influences from dub, IDM, techno, early dubstep and more specifically the German dub duo Rhythm & Sound.

Few months ago New Moon Recordings released two remix versions of ‘You’. I can say that both Phaeleh and Indigo were some of the most apt producers to remix this particular song. Phaeleh’s version brings a Burial vibe to the track with constantly vibrating bass layers and carefully arranged soundscapes but I must admit that I slightly prefer Indigo’s syncopated breakbeat cuttings, with which he creates a sharp contrast to his overall ambient remix. All in all, ‘You’ is an outstanding song in all its three versions where all producers mark it with their personal touch while they are expanding to innovative directions.

Phaeleh from Bristol specialises in atmospheric, emotional downbeat electronics with rich sub frequencies and he has put out two well-received albums ‘Fallen Light’ (2008) and ‘The Cold In You’ (2011) and various EPs and 12”s. Indigo is known for his eclectic sound full of tempo shifts and innovative mixes of styles. He runs his own label ‘Mindset’, which has drawn a lot of attention in the scene with releases from Kowton, Synkro and Hatti Vatti.


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