Chopstick Dubplate crew shares ‘Summer Sumting’ mixtape – Junglist Movement!

A fresh mixtape just arrived from jungle mainstays Jucky Murda, Tuffist and Aries – the Chopstick Dubplate crew.  Chopstick Dubplate maintained jungle music after the popularity of the genre waned and its work has been pivotal in bringing the sound to a new generation of junglists. Here is the proof:

Jacky Murda is the founder of Chopstick Dubplate. He started back in 1998 when he was experimenting with his own mixes and since then he has been releasing vinyls, which he recorded, mixed and cut under his own labels King Kong Sound and Chopstick Dubplate Jungle Music Imagesparkling a considerable jungle revival. After Congo Natty’s recent success and new labels like Run Tingz, jungle music is recognised as an inextricable part of roots and bass music.

Jacky Murda is involved in many projects, most notably ‘JingBong Ting’, his collaboration with Max Powa for live sessions and recordings (check the smashing single ‘Cry Murda’ from Moonshine Recordings). He has also teamed up with Itchy Robot (‘Itchy and Jacky’) and Kion (‘Kion and Murda’).

Tuffist is a DJ/producer hailing from NYC’s jungle scene. He has been putting out his own productions Jacky Murda Logosince 2005 and in 2006 he moved to Barcelona where he joined forces with the rest of the Chopstick crew.

Aries is a UK-based DJ/producer affiliated also with Co-Lab Recordings and Reggae Crew Friendly Fire. He is involved in bass music since 1990 and since 2005 he has been releasing his own material. He is also the man behind the ‘LionFire’ project.

For the list of tracks visit the Soundcloud page.


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