Pathways out of the civilization crisis – Join the first ‘Transition Training’ seminar in Greece

Transition Towns Poster

Many people in the world are coming together to work positively on the most crucial issues of our time, namely economic crisis, the coming end of cheap energy from fossil fuels and climate change, so that our future may be prosperous. Those active in the ‘Transition movement’ choose to carve a ‘low-energy’ future with a lifestyle that is fitter, healthier, more fulfilling, meaningful and resilient.

Greece – a country ruined by crisis

Greece is in the middle of an economic crisis, forced to carry out austere policies representing the same mindset with the ones that created this crisis in the first place. The policies that are supposed to lift countries like Greece out of the crisis are facilitating in reality the transfer of wealth from poor to rich – unprecedented taxation, privatization of public resources including gold mines, beaches even whole islands. As a result more Greeks are committing suicide unable to feed their families, thousands are becoming homeless and hungry driven to total destitution. On top of that, there is mounting unemployment that hits more than 50% among the youth.

Parallel structures unfolding – pathways out of the crisis

Transition initiatives can be a local response to all that with people organizing themselves for a more collective, self-sufficient way of living, where they can really support each other. In Greece, the number of initiatives setting up local exchange systems, producer-consumer platforms, eco-villages and educational workshops (e.g. natural building with cob etc.) has multiplied the last few years covering urban and rural areas all across the country. Thus, ‘Transition’ is neither the first nor the only movement in that direction. However, it can contribute to the broadening and deepening of existing initiatives, to the strengthening of networks between them as well as to the formation of new groups.

The TTT – Transition Towns Training

The first transition workshop is going to take place in ‘Akadimia Platonos’, Athens, Greece on the 22nd and 23rd of September 2012.  It is the standard 2-day seminar organized by Transition Network all over the world. The aim of the seminar is to provide the basic tools and ‘ingredients’ for to creating, organizing and advancing an effective transition or transition-related initiative. It includes aspects of communication, cooperation, working groups, open space technology etc.

The seminar is going to be held by two experienced tutors from Transition Network: Naresh Giangrande (co-founder of  the first Transition Town, in Totnes, England) and Sophie Banks. It is facilitated by Transition Network, Transition Greece and European Village. You need to register at this email:

You can find additional information at the event page in the website of European Village. Here you can read the content summary of a typical Transition Training course.


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