Summer breeze and crystal waters – Zafayah and Sen I’s new video

There cannot be better timing for releasing a video like ‘Glorious Children’. Summer vibes high, straight from Bulgaria where Zafayah Roots Rocket Logoand Sen I among others are building a scene.

Glorious Children’ sounds like seeping out from a Trojan box set tribute to rock steady with its lightsome, cooling spirit resonating the uttermost joy of playing in the crystal clear waters. Reggae music emerged from the island of Jamaica and it keeps a strong connection with the sea and the sun as well as island living.

Here it comes with a positive upbeat riddim titled ‘Full Of Joy’ which was produced by Sen I PhotoPeter ‘Mysticman’ Sjolund (Control Tower Studio), a brass section (Tom Bobby and Denis Popstoev) and the conscious chanting of Zafayah and Sen I. They deliver also a special dedication to all the kids from Trenchtown Reading Center in Jamaica.

Zafayah is a reggae singer/producer and co-founder of Roots Rocket, who comes from the beautiful and still pristine countryside of Bulgaria. Sen I is a reggae chanter originator of Root Souljah and co-founder of Roots Rocket. Roots Rocket, being the first reggae label of Bulgaria, has already made a name for its fresh, organic, crisp sound and the quality videos.

Explore yourself in nature, enjoy the summer!


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