Don Fe – Conscious reggae riddims from Spain

Don Fe is a reggae music producer and musician, who was born in UK but he has been living in southeast Spain for more than 20 years now. He has released a considerable amount of material in various labels like Dub Vibrations and operation Records featuring reggae chanters like Zacheous Jackson, Bunnington Judah, Pato Ranking and Prince Jamo among others. Besides his in house studio activity, he operates ‘Jah Catalyst Hi Fi’ together with Alexia, CFax, Zacheous Jackson and Prince Jamo.

Don Fe’s productions are characteristic with crisp and clear sound, mixing live instrument recordings and digital parts. Although his riddims are all dedicated to conscious reggae music, his style ranges from vintage roots and digital dub and UK steppers dub. He also produced a Rootstep cut of his ‘Solitude’ riddim entitled ‘Grey’ and as he commented on the track: “About as close as I reckon I’ll get to dubstep – more like ‘rootstep’“.

As every respectable dubstep producer dropped at least one reggae-infused anthem (’Rootstep’), many reggae producers experimented with the newly-introduced dubstep sound – let alone that some artists are focusing their whole sound in the reggae-dubstep fusion. Here are some Don Fe productions showcasing some of his styles:


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