The art of delicate timbres: Miguel Atwood Ferguson with Flying Lotus

When a competent ensemble, directed by versatile multi-instrumentalist/composer/educator Miguel Atwood-Ferguson  is joining forces with avant-gardist guru Flying Lotus to pay homage to J Dilla the result is a perplexed musical journey into the experimental.

Flying Lotus Cosmogramma Cover

Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma (2010)

Ambient, drones, violin, harps and progressive jazz percussion so well-arranged in the mix that everything sounds bright giving a breathtaking, multi-layered result that is not only there to impress with musicianship but also to expand our mindset and revive our imagination. It is a music extravaganza, but let us remember that real music is meant to be adventurous beyond the severely standardized and tirelessly recycled ‘3:30 radio hits’.

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson has a biography too extensive to mention here; while his background is classical music he has worked with many leading artists in the

J Dilla

J Dilla

field of ‘progressive’ music.  In this instance his ensemble performs with music producer and laptop artist Flying Lotus, best known for his astounding third album ‘Cosmogramma’ (2010) and his influential activity with Brainfeeder records. The expectations about his forthcoming album ‘Until The Quiet Comes’ are sky high.

The ‘Drips/Take Notice’ medley is part of  Miguel Atwood-Ferguson’s tribute concerts ‘A Suite For Ma Dukes‘ to legendary producer J Dilla. It was recorded live at California Plaza back in July 2010.

Suite For Ma Dukes


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