Celt Islam – Dub Sufism beyond borders

This a special featured article dedicated to the work of music producer and cultural activist Celt Islam outside of his two albums,

Celt Islam MC Oova Live

Celt Islam with MC Oova

Baghdad’ and ‘Urban Sutra’ that we have already reviewed in Freegan Kolektiva. Celt Islam, aka Muhammad Abdullah Hamzah, being a director of the ‘Association of British Muslims’ and volunteer with organizations like ‘Viva Palestina’ is striving to built cross-cultural understanding and trust beyond borders to realise the ‘Unity In Diversity’ maxim.

First comes a fresh track titled ‘The Strangers‘, which embodies all the typical Celt Islam elements: a great wobbling flow, ethnic-oriental melodies, mind-traveling electro dub frequencies and dubstep punches albeit without the overused ‘stop n go’ patterns. The track features also Bruce” the Occilator” Baker on Moog Rogue synths. Although Celt Islam’s latest productions are concentrating on harsher, darker themes and the dubstep element of his music, this track features a healthy dose of oriental dub elements with a more balanced result.

Second comes ‘Raqs Al Maghreb‘ which is featuring multi-instrumentalist Dawoud Kringle aka Renegade Sufi. The track has a distinct dub flavour with cosmic sitar and the usual futuristic electro layers and can be found in the brand new compilation of ‘Echo Chamber’ radio show titled ‘Around The World In Dub Vol. 1 & 2’ which can be downloaded here.

Celt Islam LogoKhilafah‘ is again both written and produced by Celt Islam featuring a flute sample from ‘Ground Zero Pilgrims’ by Al Qaynah. The track title refers to the Caliph, the leader of  a Caliphate or the Islamic Ummah. Early leaders after Muhammad’s death in 632 were called ‘Khalifat Rasul Allah’ which can be translated as ‘the political heirs of the messenger god’ [Muhammad].

Last track in this article is ‘Tuff Specialist‘, a track that was recently aired on BBC Radio 1 and will be also in Celt Islam’s forthcoming album. It is typical of the late Celt Islam era with darker motives and extensive dubstep riffing. After four competent albums and numerable live performances and an unmistakable personal sound there are high expectations for Celt Islam’s next release.

Celt Islam Lion Art


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One thought on “Celt Islam – Dub Sufism beyond borders

  1. Great review. Just one little quibble, however – in the penultimate paragraph, it should read ‘political heirs of the messenger OF God’, rather than messenger god.

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