Rootstep meltdown – Download Roommate’s ‘Mix For Jamaica Vol.2’

Dubstep had a rejuvenating effect on roots reggae and dub music pushing the sound towards heavier and more free-form digital basslines and generally more modern production methods. With the rise of global bass music a renewed interest has been built up for dub, the dub originators and foundation roots on which contemporary percussive heavy-bass music rests. The list of ‘Rootstep’ artists, who explore the nexus arena of dub, roots music and dubstep, is steadily growing and Roommate has spent enough time around to witness the emergence of bass music in the US.

Roommate, born Justin McCauley, is a producer/DJ from San Franscisco with a constant appearance. He is the man behind King Dubbist, Avocaudio and Hollow Point Recordings imprints as well as Babylon System (with No Thing), OSC (with Antiserum) and Awesome Sauce (with Neil Young) musical projects. Roommate’s style is distinct in that he emphasises the roots and oldschool dub elements in his music much more than other Rootstep producers.

‘Mix For Jamaica Vol. 2’ is Roommate’s latest drop, a mixtape promoting his past and upcoming releases. Roommate LogoIn the mixtape Justin is actually presenting only his own original productions, switching between his work as OSC and Roommate (with collaborations).

There are at least a handful of tracks to enjoy here like the uplifting ‘Moving On’ (with Illoom feat. Miss Omega), the early dubstep sound of the ‘The Bassman’ and the dancehall-step of ‘Burn Babylon’. Most of all I enjoyed some OSC solid, crisp and heavy productions like ‘Evolution’ with the early Kromestar taste or the forthcoming ‘chanting-on-rootstep’ of ‘Forward!’. The dancefloor is shaking!

This year marks also the 50th anniversary from Jamaica’s independence and the development of the Roommate DJinguniquely important Jamaican musical culture (ska, reggae, dub etc.). One more reason to celebrate this summer!

Bass up –  Babylon down


Tracklisting of ‘Mix For Jamaica Vol. 2’:

01 – Roommate – Dynamite (Avocaudio)
02 – Roommate/ Ras Lion/ Darkwing Dub – Barrier ft. Jah Lewis (Avocaudio)
03 – Roommate – Early Dub (Avocaudio)
04 – Roommate & Illoom – Moving On ft. Miss Omega (Forthcoming King Dubbist)
05 – OSC – Evolution ( Full Melt Recordings)
06 – Roommate/ Ras Lion / Darkwing Dub – Ruby’s Yard (Avocaudio)
07 – Roommate / Ras Lion/ Darkwing Dub – Blow Away The Wicked (Avocaudio)
08 – OSC ft Cutty Zak – Forward! ( Forthcoming Avocaudio)
09 – Roommate – Brain Food ft. Jah Mason (Forthcoming King Dubbist)
10 – Roommate & Noah D – The Bassman (S.C.U.M recordings)
11 – OSC – Rockers Delight (Steps in Time Recordings)
12 – Roommate & Hellfire Machina – Take Heed (Dub Version)
13 – Roommate – Stir It Up Dub ft Robert Dallas (dub)
14 – OSC & Dubsworth – Moscow Mule (Forthcoming Avocaudio)
15 – Roommate – Higher Force (Avocaudio)
16 – Roommate – Burn Babylon ft. Rocker T, Mama Wisdom, Jamalski


More Rootstep at Freegan Kolektiva:

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  3. Mungo’s Hi Fi – Forward Ever
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