SMOD: Malian rap along Manu Chao’s beat

SMOD, under the auspices of world-renowned artists Amadou & Mariam and Manu Chao,  have been around for more than a decade SMOD Livedelivering their brand of melodic, ethnic-tinged blues/rap. With their first international (and third in total), self-titled album back in 2010 they clearly sided up with the ‘music camp’ of Manu Chao featuring many of his sonic trademarks (atari effects, subtle beats, catchy one-tone guitar melodies and refrains etc.) as well as his signature production.

Their name, SMOD,  is comprised by the initials of Sam, Mouzy, Ousco and Donsky – the band’s founding members. SMOD come from Mali and Sam Doumbia is actually the son of Amadou & Mariam. Although they have been largely SMOD Logopushed by the gravity and active support of the aforementioned artists, they still deserve a mention as they sing about injustice and inequality in Africa and beyond. Between a vast Malian tradition and globalised urban elements SMOD deliver some radio-friendly albeit politically-conscious tunes like ‘Ca Chante’:


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