Ondis & Zugg-Ting drop ‘Come Fi Fight Babylon’ mixtape

Ondis Zugg TingOndis & Zugg Ting, aka Joe Haigh and Dean Trotter from Huddersfield, UK, dropped this bass-savvy digital mixtape with prominent Rootstep artists like Roomate, Radikal Guru, RSD, Jing Bong Ting and Hatti Vatti.

Rootstep is a style fills the gap between dubstep and roots reggae/foundation dub within the spectrum of contemporary bass music. At a broader level, Rootstep means for us any form of independent Roots music pushed a step forward.

Ondis & Zugg Ting  will be playing tomorrow Saturday at 1700 hours at the non-commercial Summer Saturnalia festival. The DJ duo is in the circle of the M.O.B sound system, which will be powering the ‘Black Hole’ stage of the festival. Ondis & Zugg Ting are already resident DJs at Suburbia and Liquid clubs.


The tracklisting of the ‘Come Fi Fight Babylon’ mixtape is as follows:

1. Hatti Vatti – Great
2. Hatti Vatti Feat Cian Finn – You
3. Unknown artist – Armageddon
4. Skream – Roll On
5. Roomate – Dreader Than Dread
6. Radikal Guru – Kali
7. Jing Bong Ting – Cry Murda
8. RSD – Jah Way
9. Unknown Artist – General
10. RSD – Love Of Jah Light
11. Kion and Murda – Dub Cinderella
12. Unknown Artist – No Kingdom
13. Radikal Guru Feat Cian Finn – This Applies
14. Phokus With Mr Boogie – Big Up
15. Goth Trad – Babylon Fall
16. Goth Trad – Itinerant Priest
17. Coki – Gangster For Life
18. Knorqs and Saimn- I – Fear Nobody


Check some more rootstep & mixtapes via Freegan Kolektiva:

  1. Radikal Guru – The Rootsteppa 
  2. Dubbing & Sharing: Dexter Dub – Dubstep Inna Dubwize Style part 2 (Subbass Podcast 12)
  3. Dub Primitivism – N’Goni with Alpha & Omega
  4. Mungo’s Hi Fi – Forward Ever
  5. Goli & Ashburner / RSD / Alpha Steppa – Get Up (2011, Steppas Records)
  6. Celt Islam – Baghdad (2012, Ajnavision records)
  7. High Tone ‘Boogie Dub Production’ – The Video

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