Dubwise transcendental: Mad Professor and Sister Aisha

Sometimes we can understand dub as resonating the spiritual side of all things; everything can have a dub side when we put some of Mad Professor Pumaour imagination into force. It is that imagination and creativity of the producer and sound engineer that chartered and advanced the domain of dub music. This live dub version of ‘Guide And Protect’ directs the potential of dub music towards the unleashing of transcendental power.

There is no dubhead that is not aware of Mad Professor. Personally, it was my first ‘high-grade’ dub event when he came to Greece back in February 2005. With more than 30 years and 60 albums of dub music, a recording studio and a label run by himself (Ariwa Sounds), Mad Professor’s work has been pivotal in both preserving the roots dub sound after the ‘golden era’ of reggae and developing digital dub, which became so typical of the UK dub scene. His collaborations with Lee Perry, Scientist and Massive Attack became quite famous.

Sister Aisha gathered attention with her debut album ‘High Priestess’ (1986), which was produced by Mad Professor for Ariwa Sounds. Since then she is spreading the roots reggae sound with more albums and live performances. ‘Guide And Protect’, itself a remake of the Twinkle Brothers epic ‘Jahoviah’ (from their third album ‘Praise Jah, 1979), is her debut’s closer and with its strong spiritual vibes has surely influenced other UK acts like Alpha & Omega.

Reality is deep and self-liberating – don’t stand in shallow waters!


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