Record Review: Union Jacques – Dub Pets EP (2012)

Intriguing dub, free form, transmitting a sense of strangeness and liberation

Union Jacques Dub Pets

Genre: Dub / Experimental

Region: Liverpool, UK

Artists’ Website: Facebook

Label: Upitup Records

Maybe the most intriguing dub track that has been released in 2012 so far is ‘Forest Dub’ from Union Jacques. It struck me from the first moment when it first came out roughly four months ago and since then this review has remained in Freegan Kolektiva’s pipeline. Forest dub has that mysterious feel with an exotic even otherworldly melody, spacey bleeps, wobbling dubstep-esque basslines and a sense of freedom and lunacy.

This song is the main reason why I still want to post this review, even though the other two tracks are not negligible at all. Forest Dub is the first track of the ‘Dub Pets’ EP and the longest. What is appreciable about this track is that it maintains a rootsy dub character that owes a lot to the Jamaican dub originators while it is utterly innovative. The flow of the song is free form, surprising and exciting with odd time signatures, strange elements and sudden changes. It gives a sense that everything is possible – a feeling of liberation as we leave stability to embark into the unknown and strangeness. There are IDM elements and even a drum ’n’ bass outbreak at a point. The dominating melody is simply captivating.

The second track ‘Bud Pets’ is the same crazy, quite interesting but not as much addictive with odd beats and a dancehall deejaying on top. Third and final track ‘Porno Side Of The Dub’ is clearly in the IDM direction with 8-bit aesthetics and glitchy lo-fi leanings. Short track but a good finish.

Italian-born Union Jacques, aka Jacques MalChance, probably still throws wild parties in his boat house anchored in Liverpool courtesy of Mr. Scruff. Well, seven years living in Liverpool have been influential for him to throw enough UK-styled elements in his electronic music.

Make yourself a favour and get the vinyl or download it for free or at least give Forest Dub a listen. We are already curious to see what’s next from the boat house.


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