Soom T ‘Kingdom Rise’ – Beyond fear and alienation

This song is too powerful and since there is a second music video for it we decided to re-post…!

Times come for us to deeply reflect about what is the current state of the human condition.

Follow Your Dreams CancelledWhile more than half of humanity is in chronic poverty and almost a billion people go hungry every single day; while wars are still raging on many parts of the planet; while the ideal of ‘democracy’ has been plundered by any possible means through corruption in a world that accepts that a ‘crisis remedy’ is to drive people to indignation in order to save the banks and the corporations. In a society that accepts it as ‘normal’ to leave people with no food in agony and spent billions on campaigns, advertisements, wars….In a society that considers ‘normal’ not to know your neighbours, not to trust others – to be afraid of anything and anyone.

In a society that is way out of the capacity of the planet to sustain it; a civilization that is exterminating other species at an unprecedented rate (1000 times faster); a civilization that has convinced itself that we ‘own’ animals and that their only value is to serve humans. We have justified killing, murder, war, genocide, hunger, collapse by being silent and complacent to the ones in power and the system that supports them.

Why don’t we contest the ruler? Why don’t we challenge the one that inflicts systematic suffering to all life on earth?

Why don’t we believe in ourselves? in our communities? Why do we accept to be inferior? Why do we accept corrupt bosses and rulers to control us, determine the way we live, work, behave… the way we have become? We KNOW what is going on!

We accept suffering, because we are alienated, deprived of our deepest essence, our inner power to imagine, commute and create. We cannot look for beauty, when we have never experienced it.

The more we know, the more silence and inaction are unjustifiable.

There is only the power of words, images and actions to capture the imagination of people, to make them believe that we can built a world more beautiful, more healthy, more diverse.

Get that boat out into open waters
Dont let them fill you with hatred

Soom T – Kingdom Rise (Produced by Kris Kemist, Reality Shock Records 2011):

Lyrics by Sumati Bhardwaj:

Witness from high — what one traverse below – From your own Seeking out the light – concealed behind all life

Rise and conquer know entered this domain to make fire
Raising all up high– all life

When the ones who rule rob the youth
Of any vicistude of truth, pollute all holy book
Try to modify ya mind at the root
You would see it clear if you stepped back and took a look
With a calm mindset see murder
Of the spirit that you know like no other
That which let you know when a vampire
Trying to stop us evolvin further, keep us in the gutter
But the soul rise to the high break lies Try
To guide all child to find ties to the right
To the ways of the wise thatd break dem binds
To the freeing of nation in a mind,
when a new found sight awakening the blind
When we see all life – is to respect all others
Love your neighbour like ya sista and brother
Hail to the universe — she the mother

When youre born into nothing but a hardship
First you cry and then shout whys my luck shit
So i struggled through the swamps in the darkness
turned mind to a fist — found God in the mist
Then the kingdom rise high before my eyes
The sword came down to cut away night
Bring light the divine into all good lives
We all are gods child of the one same life
When the struggle get hard a fall down
With my face in the dirt and my paws down
So i look up to the sky then i look round
Lord said break the illusion on the mungo sound
Dont let your actions defy your mind
Mental infractions confuse the sight
That all spirit work hard to make you all find
A way to get out of the dark and into the light

When you see that cloud unfold ya
Dont you ever let the badman control ya
So dont let yourself be packaged and sold off
To the city of babylon rolled up
Like the rulers of a land all holed up
In a dark dungeon lost to the botch up
So they break out and turn on the motor
Get that boat out into open waters
Dont let them fill you with hatred
Feel shame living in a home thats makeshift
Dont forget about the time that you came with
Flying out of babylon in a spaceship


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