Ngoma Transcending Boundaries: The Western cultural metacenter is swerving

In the spirit of these days we post this radio mix ‘Global Dub Resistance’  from DJ Zhao and Ngoma Sound at Reboot FM, Berlin. It is one of the many posts that have been long stuck in Freegan Kolektiva’s pipeline but we still believe is relevant. Enjoy this bass-laden two-hour trip to different places of resistance around the world, in the Arab region and elsewhere in Africa and Asia:

It is a call for cultural awakening and resistance. Inspired by the people of Tahrir square, this music is dedicated to all the writhing African Maskpeople worldwide and the courageous ones who stand up against political oppession, cultural hegemony, appropriation of natural resources and all forms of exploitation.

For the billions that are kept poor, hungry and deprived of any opportunities for individual development. We are actually all deprived of a free choice to a prosperous future: a healthy community to live within a robust environment.

An emerging culture is then responsible for shifting the contours of development, from individual transformation to a larger transition towards a resilient, diverse and self-determined world. Emerging culture(s) is not centered, it is diffused, decentralized and will rise from any given point, where conditions are favourable.

Rhythm Diaspora

Ngoma sound is a musical collective dedicated to unearthing  music from all around the world’s cultures like African tribal, Kuduro, Rai, Chaabi as fused with contemporary bass music. They keep on exploring different sounds in an intensive pace always coming with really diverse musical outputs whether they are compilations, mixtapes or radio shows. Ngoma are exploring a flexible and always shifting musical field in their live performances between improvisation and electronic composition.

This radio mix features  some of the most celebrated artists in the dubstep world like Mala, Coki, Benga and RSD as well as ethio-dubsters Dub Colossus and cult artists like Muslimgauze.

Here is the full track-listing of the radio mix:

01 intro
02 Wedge – Overfiend (Gatekeeper Remix) / Eardrum – Nightblind / Mala – Miracles
03 Amina Alaoui – Itimad / L-Wiz – Smogged
04 Gargamel – Hotwax
05 23 Skidoo – G-2 Contemplation Dyed Dark / Marc Ashken Roots Dyed Dark (Skream Remix)
06 Sully – Flickers
07 Takahiro Kawaguchi & Shinjiro Yamaguchi – Hello / Guem – Viagem
08 Guem – Le Cedre / Johnny Clark / Mala – Sinners
09 Ahmed Abdullah / Steve Reid – Lions of Juda / Ramadanman – Revenue
10 coki – warlord_riddim / Andy Moor – From E to F
11 Mala – Left Leg Out
12 Muslimgauze – Red Snow
13 Substep Infrabass Monotonium / Unknown – Morrocco
14 Black Sun Empire – Cold Crysis
15 S.N.O. – Disturbance
16 Phil Thornton & Hossam Ramzy – Immortal Egypt VS Quest & Eskmo – Speakers Corner
17 Zen Militia – Pull of Guilt (Scuba Remix) / Unknown – Unknown
18 headhunter-prototype
19 Benga – The Cut
20 Sir Richard Bishop – Blood Stained Sands / Tunnidge – Face Melt
21 Therapy – Innocent X
22 Badawi – Anthrax Sandwich
23 Badawi – Evocation
24 RSD – Forward Youth
25 Grimelock feat Alchemyst – Test Your Mind
26 Eric H – The Lights
27 Danny Weed – Gator Riddim
28 Dub Collosus – Yeka Sub City Rockers
29 Dub Collosus – Azmari Dub
30 Mada Nile – Look!!
31 Robert Lee – Too Much War


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