Batida – Bazuka

As a boy he was drafted for war away from his family – as a wounded man he struggles to survive poverty

Some children are born in misery. They are forced by the global system to live their life in destitution without any other possibilities and they are exploited by local warlords to go to war. These are good enough reasons to contest the violent system of oppression, hegemony and inequality.

Bazooka is a bitter war-like offensive in the human-sized annals of tragedy. Batida took some images from RTP Africa’s archives, revamped with new footage and animations in the Batida mix. Some parts come from Fazuma Radio’s documentary ‘É Dreda Ser An­go­lano’. Bazuka tells the story of a man who was drafted for war as a child away from his family.

According to the Fazuma crew: “Ba­zuka is based on the tes­ti­mony of a person in our do­cu­men­tary ‘É Dreda Ser An­go­lano’, who raises an unanswered ques­tion: “Who drafted me?” He was ‘drafted’ as a child, or re­cruited and forced to fight in war, got lost from his fa­mily and survived with se­rious he­alth pro­blems. We found him in Lu­anda in 2005. He has a name. He is the unk­nown sol­dier. Has “got two pi­eces of sh­rapnel from the war, in his head” and faces a new battle every­day: The sur­vival in time of pe­ace. “Ya. That’s all i have to say.”

Batida – Bazuka (Quem me rusgou?) :

Batida, the brainchild of DJ Mpula (aka Pedro Coquenão), bring an orgiastic mash-up of raw & rusty Angolan percussions and hard bass-laden electro beats. This carnivalesque act is bridging the gap between tribal roots and the contemporary Kuduro craze while they are more activistic and underground compared the commercial-oriented music in their field.



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