Webcam Hi-Fi release new album and video

Webcam Hi-Fi just released a new album called ‘Feeding My Faith’. It marks Fredread’s, the man behind Webcam Hi-Fi, 25th year of Webcam Hi Fi Faithinvolvement in the music underground as well as the 15th installment of his label Tube Dub Sound Records.

Fredread started producing his own riddims back in 2004 and has released numerous 7’’ and longplayers with renowned reggae chanters like Kenny Knots, Earl Sixteen, Ranking Joe etc. Webcam Hi-Fi have spread their conscious roots dub sounds several times across Europe with other major sound systems like King Shiloh, Vibronics and Mungo’s Hi Fi.

What sets them apart is their organic, instrumental approach with melodic guitars, horns and flute as well as analogue dub effects and syndrums strongly adhering to the ‘foundation music’ of Jamaican originators. From their studio headquarters ‘Huge Studio’ up on a hill in south west France they recorded their new album featuring experienced vocalists like El Fata, cultural chanter Lyrical Benjie and the Roots Rocket crew from Bulgaria among others. There is also a deluxe 180g vinyl pressing manufactured and distributed by Control Tower Records.

Return Super DubStraight from Webcam Hi-Fi’s new record ‘Feeding My Faith’ comes the following video ‘Message To Di Youth’ with Zafayah, Jahmmi Youth and Sen I on vocals from Roots Rocket crew, which is responsible also for the video production.

I do not have much to add about the lyrical content of the track, it is a quite clear message even written in the music video. All crises that we face today whether economic, social or environmental are rooted back at our dystopian civilization which has developed out of the capacities of the planet in expense of the poor and needy. Challenge the rulers and support positive initiatives around you. The road becomes wider for roots & culture activism.

Discover more foundation roots music via Freegan Kolektiva:


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