The Spy From Cairo drops a video for ‘Alladin Dub’ inspired by shadow theaters

‘Alladin Dub’ is the opening track of ‘Arabadub’, the latest record of the Spy From Cairo. The music video is a hommage to Lotte Reiniger’s cult animation titled ‘ The Adventures of Prince Ahmed’. It was created back in 1926 and it is the world’s oldest feature film.

The film visualised the story of Prince Ahmed’s adventure in reclaiming the magic lamp from the African sorcerer with the help of Aladdin. The story comes from the world-famous collection of Middle Eastern and South Asian folk tales known as ‘1001 Arabian Nights’. It is a collection of tales from the Caliphate era and Pahlavi literature which in turn was influenced by Indian culture. It was gathered over centuries during the Islamic Golden Age.

Lotte Reiniger worked with a team of renowned avant-garde animators like Walter Ruttmann and Berthold Bartosch. She developed a particular style by manipulating cutout figures from cardboars and thin sheets of lead under a camera. This method was influenced by the millenia-old Indonesia Wayang shadow theater. In contrast with the live action of Wayang puppet theater, ‘ The Adventures of Prince Ahmed’ was animated frame by frame. It also reminds the Turkish and Greek ‘Karagiozis’ shadow-puppet theater.

Groundation’s ‘Humility’ music video might have been influenced by Lotte Reiniger’s legendary animations as well as Wayang shadow theater.

The Adventures Of Prince Ahmed


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