Music Review: Heivard – Flows (2012, Fwonk Netlabel)

‘Flows’ innovates by fusing antithetic elements like unquiet noises with a jazzy rhythm section. Heivard’s debut is an interesting listen

Genre: Ambient / IDM

Region: Hong Kong

Artists Website: Soundcloud

Label: Fwonk Netlabel

Heivard is a new producer from Hong Kong, who experiments with ambient, IDM and jazzy trip hop. ‘Flows’ is his debut EP and there is also a forthcoming EP called ‘Disrupted’ scheduled to be released by Inside Netlabel.

Light Rain, Heavy Rain, Light Rain’ begins with fluttering, palpitating sounds and although one could expect that they serve as an intro to typical IDM, these sounds stretch until the end of the song mixed with more sounds like sweeping brooms, tingling chimes, typerwriters and blowing air currents. There is a cold, almost empty beat in the background and a sparse bass that deliberately leave space for the other sounds to unfold.

The second track, ‘Scattered Sweetness’, comes again with the sparse beat recipe, albeit this time with a more pronounced wobbly bass. The deep synths are the main feature of the track and the sole point of melody. They give a catchy, warm appeal to the track in contrast with the rest of the sounds which are desolated and industrial. The song creates a fuzzy familiar feeling in its otherwordliness. The intelligent brakes pronounce the function of the keys and refresh the otherwise steady flow of the track.

Again contrast is in play, mainly between the creepy pads and the jazzy tones of ‘Broken Mirrors’. The song is laden with noisy effects ‘calculated’ by an austere beat but at the same time some nu-jazz bass and percussion take over much of the song giving an interesting twist to the result.

The play of contrast ends with ‘Aesthetic Violence’, which is utterly dark and spooky with sounds from dusted, isolated chambers and noisy distortions that alert your instinct for caution and survival. The noises climax to create a feeling of discomfort and an unsettling way to finish the EP.

‘Flow’ is an interesting debut that defines a spectrum of sounds between IDM and ambient with some touches of nu jazz and trip hop. The middle tracks of the EP feature some intelligent elements (synths, jazzy rhythm section) that create a bi-polar hybrid between the vile and the heartfelt.

Heivard managed to navigate through some challenging antitheses with interesting results. You can download Heivards debut EP ‘Flow’ here.


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