Lutan Fyah sings about human exploitation and destitution

More and more people are questioning the notions of ‘progress’, ‘development’ and ‘democracy’ as they appear in the modern world.

The present type of development, which was supposed to raise the living standards of people has resulted in one billion hungry and more than half of the world’s population living with less than 2 dollars/day.

The enormous wealth we have indeed created through development, which has an unprecedented environmental cost, has not been shared among us. Instead wealth has been concentrated in few hands behind banks, corporations and governments.

The majority of the people are forsaken – poor and underprivileged – in a severely degraded environment with few resources left for the generations to come. In this conditions people have no future and resort to crime and violence – people start blaming other people for their misery instead of understanding this systemic error.

The present economic crisis made crystal clear how corrupt the political and economic system is. Now that we know more clearly remaining silent is becoming unacceptable.

Lutan Fyah started singing back in 1999 in Jamaica and has put out 10 albums since then. His second record 2005’s ‘Time & Place’ released by Lustre Kings is one of his most interesting outputs.  ‘Is This The Way’ comes from 2008’s record ‘Africa’.

Lutan Fyah’s discography:

  • Dem No Know Demself (2004)
  • Time & Place (2005)
  • Phantom War (2006)
  • Healthy Lifestyle (2006)
  • You Bring Blessings (2007)
  • African Be Proud (2008)
  • Africa (2008)
  • The King’s Son (2009)
  • Justice (2009)
  • A New Day (2011)

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