CHLLNGR’s animated astro-dub elegy

‘Change’ is probably CHLLNGR’s most captivating tune and the most dubby so far. It is a hommage to the dub originators and especially the most spaced-out work of Mad Professor in the 1980s.

The dub format of the song is embellished with vintage bleeps of the futuristic 1980s, retro keys and synths and nostalgic naive vocals.  ‘Astro-dub’ is probably a quite accurate term to describe this astonishing track. The rhythm section points directly at the Jamaican dub vaults of the 1970s.

The music video is simply amazing and it will excite the imagination of anyone with a taste for video animations. Chad Turner animated, edited and co-directed the video with Ryan Todd. There was also a host of other people involved (check the credits at the end of the video).

There is an apparent artistic influence from the unsurpassed Ghibli studios and Hayao Miyazaki from the ancient futuristic spaceship in the beginning to the imaginative illustrations at the end of the video. The pale colours that predominate and the spacey psy effects match perfectly the mood of the song. The result is just beautiful arousing romantic feelings and the need to discover more. I would personally wish that we could watch music videos of this quality more often.


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