Kabaka Pyramid & Sara Lugo’s new video – drop your hatred, embrace life

Last night I was watching some documentaries about the rise of fascism in Europe from the 1970s onwards, especially during the last decade. Although this is not new, it is always disheartening to see the seeds of hatred sown everywhere.

Now, in a critical period for all the European peoples the worst thing to happen is more hatred and division between the poor and powerless.  Blaming people of other ethnicity/colour/political conviction/religion for our dissatisfaction is the easy, convenient solution.

We need more knowledge and wisdom in these times to free our mind, not to become slaves to petty blind hatred.  We need solidarity instead – and solidarity begins by appreciating our own life!

This music video is life-affirming, spreading the message of joy and love around us and it was my antidote after waking up with a heavy heart.

Don’t let them fill you with hatred!

This brand new music video comes straight out of the ‘Reggaeville Riddim’ album that will be out tomorrow, the 25th of May. It is Sara Lugo’s and Kabaka Pyramid’s cover of the Paragons’ classic ‘Ridding On A High And Windy Day’, which was released as a 7” single via the Treasure Isle imprint back in 1968.


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