Digital Dubs – The vicious cycle of destitution in the Favelas of Rio

One of the most prominent reggae dub crews in Brazil is Digital Dubs. They have built the first proper dub sounds system in Rio de Janeiro and they have been pivotal in the development of the Brazilian reggae dub scene.

‘Pirate’s Game’ is taken from the latest album of Digital Dubs ‘#1’ and talks about the vicious circle of poverty, crime and violence which reigns in some of the most inhospitable and dangerous places on the planet: the Favelas of Rio. The poor have been pushed out of the downtown by the privileged and are forced to live in those suburban slums, where no public services exist. In 2010 11,4 million people were living in favelas only in Brazil.

This downward spiral of brutality and destitution deprives all the potential of the most innocent victims of this ‘game’: the children. The video was shot in the heart of the favelas.

On the mic is the prime reggae chanter Earl Sixteen who first sang ‘Malcom X’ already back in 1975. The rich getting richer, the poor are turning into gangsters…

Free up all the ghettos worldwide!


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