Leaving life behind, drawn out by the light

Junius just dropped a spiritual, ‘mystical’ music video filmed in Black Rock desert, Nevada:

In ‘Betray The Grave’  Junius build an epic atmosphere, synth-laden with cosmic textures and an imploding emotional capacity, somewhere between Deftones and Samael.  The song comes from Junius’ latest longplayer ‘Reports From The Threshhold of Death’. As the title reveals, the band deals with near death experiences and the transition of human conditions marked by the end of life.

As the lyrical theme is spiritual, the video is mystical. Although it keeps some of the typical rock elements, like the enigmatic hooded figures, this time the director Toshadeva Palani goes a step further adding an ethnic, indigenous touch which provides a sense of wisdom and spiritual depth. Tosha worked the concept together with the band when they all expressed their will to create something transcendent.

Junius’ lyrics are quite though-provoking, considering that our society regards death as a taboo, an ineffable topic, something completely negative or bad. Even though death is a great truth, one of the very few that we meet with absolute certainty, it is a truth that we prefer to suspend. It could make more sense to befriend with death and try to overcome our fears associated with this phenomenon. Understanding the inevitability of (bodily at least) death and surpassing our fears could inspire us to lead a more meaningful and courageous life.

We would feel empowered to articulate our own vision and not merely submit to the rules of the powerful and privileged. Constraining our fears equals emancipation.


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