AUditors DOminations bring ‘Palace Of Light’ for the first time on stage

AUditors DOmination (AU.DO), the downtempo newcomers, released their stunning debut ‘Palace Of Light’ last February and now it is time to bring it on stage. For that purpose AU.DO have recruited a 10 member strong band to perform with them on the 25th of May in Mylos Club, Thessaloniki.

AU.DO stand out for their eclectic mix of downtempo, funk and dub while they experiment with some traditional instruments. Considering their keen focus on detail, we can only expect an equally-challenging live performance.

Warm up and afterparty will be provided by DJs Timewarp (Timewarp Music, Kraak Records, Timewarp Inc.), Johnny Peppas (Barefoot Mafia, Rootboot) and Katerina ‘Leeloo’ Kyriakou (Republic Radio).

The party will start at 21:30 and the ticket costs 5€.


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