Global uprising squared: From 15O to 12M12

The world is in turbulence: problems are mounting whether we talk about society or the environment. At the same time people in many parts of the world are waking up, making changes in their daily lives and organizing themselves in groups, collectives etc.

The more we stay complacent, the more we leave space for politicians, corporations, mass media etc. to change our world dramatically for their benefit.

They are a dominant minority that defines how we all live; they are also the ones that have driven us to this desperate condition in 2012.

The only sustainable way to change is by realizing what is going on, waking up and coming together. We can also choose to stand up and determine the way we want to live, instead of wasting our lives as mere observers or consumers.

Real change occurs through awareness, from within – is not forced from outside. When we are aware, we can act wisely and work for change, not waiting for things to fall apart first like in the present crisis.

Last October, people marched in 1000 cities in 82 countries against corruption, human rights violations, corporate domination, censorship and repression.

The second world revolution is set for tomorrow, 12 May 2012 – a wake up call to everyone. For more information visit the M12 website.

For those residing in Athens, Greece the gathering will take place at Syntagma square at 1800hours.


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