The Black Seeds: “What you give, it’s coming back to you”

‘Dust And Dirt’, The Black Seeds’ brand new album, is already out. While we are listening carefully to the band’s fifth album and ‘brewing’ our own review we would like to remind everybody how solid 2008’s ‘Solid Ground’ was.

‘Slingshot’ was one of the most beautiful songs of the album and maybe the most popular, supported also by the video you can see below.

The Black Seeds is an eight-piece outfit with full-time band members, which was born in New Zealand’s capital Wellington. They are part of the ‘Aotearoa Reggae Music’ scene (’Aotearoa’ is the native Maori name for New

Zealand) and mostly together with some other notable bands from Wellington (Trinity Roots, Fat Freddy’s Drop) they have built the ‘capital sound’ which more particular and eclectic with heavy dub/soul/jazz leanings. In any case the Kiwi reggae sound is utterly unique and infectious with an increasingly global appeal.

Deep bass, almost digital-edge, and some of the most memorable vocal lines in the characteristic dub soul blend of The Black Seeds render ‘Slingshot’ an indispensable tune.

Vintage in the most futuristic tradition with personal/karmic lyrics for our jaded generation.

“What you give, it’s coming back to you”


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