High Tone ‘Boogie Dub Production’ – The Video

Before we put together a featured article about French dub’s greatest, High Tone, and under the sounds of their new collaboration with Brain Damage (aptly titled ‘High damage’) we would  like to prepare the ground by posting this astonishing video of probably the best track of High Tone’s latest album ‘Out Back’ (2010).

‘Boogie Dub Production’, which carries similar vibes with ‘Dry’, is a homage to Dub music from the originators (Keith Hudson, Lee Perry, King Tubby etc.) to digital dub / live dub / electro dub / dubstep offsprings of the last years, who propelled what is widely known as contemporary bass music.

Bass culture started back then in the streets of Kingston, Jamaica and there are adherents of that soundsystem culture everywhere in the world at present. High Tone have pioneered the live dub sound and helped to build maybe the most vibrant and innovative dub scene in the world: the French dub scene.

After more than 15 years High Tone keep the underground spirit alive as seen in the video (check those refs to Lee Perry, Dead Kennedys, Rage Against The Machine etc.). Underground, in spite of the diversity of tribes, should be independent and united – a creative platform for socio-ecological change.

No matter how far one can go with her music (and all the other activities) it is important not to betray her principles or lose aim.

Dub music was made to be played out loud and unleash those massive basslines upon deaf ears.

Dub the modern culture!


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