Meditating on violence: Flamingo Bay’s ‘Redd Lake’ video

With quite an obscure sound and pronounced rhythm shifts ‘Redd Lake’ goes into the experimental electronic territory. Neo-mystical, post-decadent synths, bass-laden IDM bleeps in grayish atmospherics and soulful pop vocals – and an odd video to finish. Flamingo Bay is the name of two Portuguese producers’ collaboration Mnge and Galaxy Mirrors. Both hailing from Lisbon, it is their first ever track released as Flamingo Bay while their debut EP is going to be released very soon. You can download ‘Redd Lake’ here.

The video was edited from Maya Derren’s avant-garde short film ‘Meditation on Violence’ (1948). Maya Derren, an experimental filmmaker and film theorist opposed  already back in the 1940s and 1950s Hollywood’s political and economic hegemony. She understood Hollywood as a major obstacle to the development of cinema as a form of art as she famously stated:

“I make my pictures for what Hollywood spends on lipstick.”


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