Music Review: MDC – Conception EP (2012, ODG Productions)

MDC put out a strong, multi-faceted debut which shows the maturity of the French dub scene. Between French and UK dub, MDC display their love for rich instrumentation

Genre: Dub

Region: Bourges, France

Artists Website: MDC reverbnation

Label: ODG Productions

Here in Freegan Kolektiva we can only be delighted listening to young artists enriching the life currents of dub. This four-piece of activists/multi-instrumentalists after appearing in a couple of ODG compilations feel now confident to put out their debut EP and what we can say is that the future looks promising.

MDC (Massive Dub Corporation) was formed in Bourges just two years ago, nevertheless it becomes evident that there is some experience in studio and on stage already gathered. One can notice immediately that these tracks are made to be played live or at a dub soundsystem dance.

Already from the first number ‘Good vibes’ we know we are dealing with French dub – with keys, aerophones, electro sounds, big bass and a slow-creeping beat. The wind instruments are quite ambitious in this track with their beautiful melodies, the exchanges between instruments and the overall skillful delivery.

MDC – Horns Man (King Earthquake cover):

Ninja Assassin’ features Brother Culture, a deejay that has chanted for the most prominent dub producers like Dub Terror and High Tone. Although it has a strong Zion Train flavour thanks to the catchy horn melody and the roots vibes, it pales when compared to other Brother Culture songs.

That to say that things get more interesting in the third track ‘Horns Man’, a version of legendary King Earthquake’s classic. It is a monolithic dub anthem – steady, militant and pervasive – that reminds us why this music’s power is transcendental. A good choice by MDC, treated with respect. Put your subwoofers at max!

The 4th track ‘Babylon Soldiers’ has what ‘Ninja Assassin’ lacks: a memorable refrain and an uplifting ‘jamming’ vibe. The track features French peers ‘Fu-Steps’ from Rouen with another outstanding reggae performance.

The EP’s closer ‘Spiritual War’, rich in instrumentation like the first track, showcases the full capacities of MDC and raises the expectations for the future. In a slightly different version from the one found in the ‘Highvory’ compilation, the track demonsterates what MDC is all about: both digital and instrumental. Xylophones, bass, horns and effects are in full play here – quite an accomplishment for such a young band.

MDC feat. Fu Steps – Babylon Soldiers:

Overall it is a release worth listening to or even incorporating in your own set, you can just download it from ODG for free. We wish MDC all the persistence and creativity to explore their musical routes in dub music; dub is definitely an open, fertile ground to experiment on. Big ups also to ODG Productions for distributing this music for free.


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