Salmonella Dub – Nu Steppa videoclip

Here is Salmonella Dub’s ‘Nu Steppa’ video that reminds a lot of Asian Dub Foundation with cartoons in ‘Sin City red in b/w’ colours.

Salmonella Dub enjoy their own 20 year music history. They have been pioneering a form of roots reggae/dub music that is heavily influenced by Electro/Drum n Bass in Oceania. Their music has been groundbreaking in New Zealand and Australia influencing diverse crossover ‘Kiwi’ artists like Fat Freddy’s Drop, the Black Seeds, Cornerstone Roots and Shapeshifter.

With successful releases like ‘Killervision’ (1999, offering them the New Zealand Music Awards), ‘Inside the Dub Plates’ (2001, charting at no. 1 in national charts), ‘One Drop East’ (2004 again no.1). They have also collaborated with NZSO (New Zealand Symphony Orchestra) for a live recording, utilizing indigenous Maori taonga puoro instruments like nguru and putorino. The Maori peoples were using musical instrument to signify the cycle of days (new morning start) and communicate with gods and nature. Some instruments were mimicking birds and insects, creating natural drones. Salmonella Dub have been successful in infiltrating psychedelic, oscillating sounds in their music.

Most importantly, Salmonella Dub (meaning dub versions of ‘bad taste’ covers) opened up an expansive, creative direction for alternative music in Oceania. That resulted in the creation of a genuine music scene that yielded manifold quality bands and releases.


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