Art Making in timelapse and heavy basslines – The latest videoclip of Salmonella Dub: Untangling

One of the most captivating songs of Salmonella Dub dressed with a creative timelapse of  art making directed by Paul Innes. Paul Innes has been gathering attention after directing a videoclip for Umlaut’s ‘Atlas Face’ (feat. Mike Patton) and producing his first music album under the ‘Academy Knights’ banner in the field of experimental electronics with a host of influences from jazz to 1970’s progressive rock (reminding a bit Ninja Tune stuff). The video features artist Rick Sweden from start to finish of his art installation.

The remix of ‘Untangling’ can be found in their latest album’s special re-release: ‘Freak Controller: Madness 20 Track Pack’.

Salmonella Dub are known for their openness to new images and sounds keeping their experimental ethos intact. They enjoy their own 20 year music history, pioneering a form of roots reggae/dub music that is heavily influenced by Electro/Drum n Bass. Their sound has found its own audience since their early days, defining an eclectic crossover scene in New Zealand that yielded talented outfits like Cornerstone Roots, the Black Seeds and Fat Freddy’s Drop among others.


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