Students protest for public education in Barcelona

Basic rights, like education, health care, good working conditions etc, once conquered by European peoples after long social struggles, are being taken away overnight as ‘crisis remedies’. People are waking up

While Barcelona celebrated the World Mobile Conference last week, where the most innovative, high-tech mobile phones are presented to the public, on the streets students were demanding real public education.

These are the two faces of Spain, on one side stand all those big commercial events where Barcelona is promoted as the perfect city for business whereas on the other, the citizens are taking the streets. As it was written on one banner: “We are not progressive or conservatives, we are the ones at the bottom and we got against the people at the top.” We are on a global class struggle, and this it is just the beginning. Greek flags were waving on the streets of Barcelona, because our fight is international.

People are not afraid; they proclaimed that they are not the enemy as they have been pointed at by the chief of police, who accorded the brutal repression of pupils the week before in Valencia. Between all those student calls towards the police one was particularly thoughtful: “Your children are studying with us.” Then who is on the other side? Who is the enemy?

Maybe it is the greed of the neoliberal regime which is able to justify budget cuts on public health and education, while business goes on as usual. We are called to take a clear position now. As the streets of Barcelona and other European cities are vividly echoing: “We are all anticapitalists, and we are not afraid anymore, we are the 99 per cent and we are right.”


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