Dubquake, Geneva – Roots & Culture dance

This a fresh video from the bi-monthly ‘Dubquake’ event in Le Zoo, Uzine, Geneva. The latest version came two weeks ago,  on the 11th February 2012, with Bush Chemists, Joe Pilgrim and O.B.F Sound System among others. This take is from O.B.F soundsystem session with Nello B and Shanti D soon after. Everyone is in a good shape – cultural steppers style:

The event was initiated by militant dub heavyweights O.B.F soundsystem (Original Bass Foundation) in September 2006 and it is being organized in the same place ever since.

For those who do not know O.B.F soundsystem, they have been in the European dub scene since the year 2000 and they are representing UK steppers sound system culture putting forward their own blend. They are known for their as-heavy-as-it-gets sound. They have been collaborating with a lot of vocalists and sound systems from the French and UK scenes.

Whoever has been to similar dances knows that it is a meditative process, almost spiritual – a heavy roots & culture dance. Steppers dub forward


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