Music Review: Shanti D & Mayd Hubb – Politik 7″ (2012, Dubatriation Records)

This is a landmark 7” of dub music. It sketches new brainscapes where politics and utopian evasion merge tinged with the colours of the underground, restless and creative. A generation emerging to reclaim its future.

Genre: Dub / Experimental

Country: France

Artist Website: Shanti D / Mayd Hubb

Label: Dubatriation records

This release reminds us why digging in the music underground is so crucial; we need music like this that dismisses any doubt left that genuine, original sounds can only be created in the underground. This is the third 7” gem put out by Dubatriation records since April 2010 and maybe their most ecstatic and peculiar.

This cult 7” marks the collaboration of Shanti D with Mayd Hubb, both of whom have been following their own routes in the French underground dub-propelled music. Shanti D is a Paris-based vocalist mostly known for the single ‘Dry’ with the live dub spearheads High Tone back in 2005, but he has also been making music with Junior Cony and Greek pioneers Direct Connection. He has his own characteristic, melodious, roots yet ethnic-flavoured way of singing.

Mayd Hubb, is a music producer and activist from Dijon, France developing a collective sound in bass music throughout the years. He has two full –lengths ‘Linga Yony, The Dub Paradox’ (2008) and ‘The blue train’ (2009) as well as some other notable releases like the outstanding ‘Sound System Station’ (2009).

‘Politik’ is a deep-driving crescendo that submerges boundaries by pouring streams of consciousness and ecstatic experimentation. Experimentation is actually a defining trait of a new generation loaded with tools that by default has to tread in new grounds not only driven by ideology but also due to the need of survival. Old values are crumbling, humanity is breathing again in unity, stereotypes are fading. ‘Politik’ portrays a mental landscape where engagement with political life can merge with utopian escapism. We all need to transgress this blunt and decadent reality.

In Freegan Kolektiva we have argued that ‘democracy fell’; democracy is presently non-existent. It has become merely an abstract notion, far removed from public life. Corruption, clientilism, repression and biased education are all fatal blows to an illusory democracy. The alienation of modern life has contributed to our own disbelief, ignorance and apathy that contributed to the fall of democracy. We have been indoctrinated to transfer our power to others, we have learned to be ruled, but since the 1990s we don’t even go to vote.

The times are changing and now, more than ever, we can understand that our lack of participation results in ruler’s power being abused against us. There is a return to politics, even by young people, this time more connected to real life. We lost our interest, because of a bureaucratic, boring system and the decoupling of politics from our own life – our actions did not seem to change anything. Things got much worse the last years and now politics seem more meaningful if we ever want to reclaim our own future. Now political involvement is becoming more exciting, more immediate – we need to protect ourselves and nurture our survival. Join all those grassroots groups and general assemblies – it is about us, our families, our communities.

These lines go along with the message of this song. Shanti D hails with his lyrics and vocal melodies his Greek roots. His voice is enchanting, drenched in Eastern-Mediterranean vibes, attiring unerringly the uplifting, meditative sounds of Mayd Hubb.

The songs are going to set you in a trance-like state, full of energy and activism, envisioning new places and expanding new possibilities for every new moment that is passing. The bassline is utterly addictive, ultra-heavy and driving. It is has a special way in sticking in your brain with the assistance of drum-kick ‘UK stepping dub’ beats. You will keep on rotating between the vocal and the dub for a long time. But it is not onlt A UK dub anthem, ‘Politik’ is given through the French prism, more subtle and underground while the synths and effects are dreamy, trippy in electro/trance style with heavy reverbs and the trademark melodica sounds in the roots tradition.

All of the Dubatriation releases are eclectic and although each is showcasing different artists there seems to be a unifying thread between them. Dubatriation is fusing melodic vocals with heavy UK basslines and a healthy dose of French experimentation. There is a consciousness flow to all the songs, true to the dub tradition but also forward looking – like a lighthouse of present and future dub. All songs are tinged with emotion and the pale colours of the underground. ‘Politik’ is a great cult release for all people involved in independent, original music and the growing movements of grassroots, experiential democracy.


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