Repression in Spain: nothing looks like democracy anymore

Not only democracy is non-existent, but  whoever tries to speak out towards unjust, oppressive regimes which are forcing people to destitution is faced with policing and brutality. This is the present ‘democracy; this is how police treats our youth.

How police treats the youth - Valencia 2012

The time is approaching when these appalling images will not be accepted anymore. We are going to an escalation with attitudes like this: the more the state represses people the more violence erupts, from all sides.

We have received some links from our friends in Spain and we decided to post them.  Not only democracy, even degraded, does not exist anymore but also when people gather to defend their rights to a life worth living, they are treated as criminals. There is actually nowhere left to turn to.

This footage is from Valencia, where pupils were demonstrating for public education and central heating in the high schools. Their ongoing struggle started already last week. Look how the teenagers are treated:

There are more shameful videos here

We are talking about school pupils, some of them 13-14 years old. Many of them were beaten and 25 were detained.

‘Stop desahucio’ which means ‘stop evictions’ is groups of people, who are trying to help each other when the police and the judge try to take their homes, because they could not pay the banks (mortgage business). It is increasingly impossible for people to withstand the crisis and keep their assets – new taxes have been imposed while youth unemployment in Spain has reached almost 50% [1]. Here you can see what the people have to confront, when they try to protect their homes:

These are some of the protesting people:

And everybody is going to be filed:

In a previous article we have argued that the state together with IMF and the EU commission have orchestrated massive new taxation, in order to make it impossible for people to retain their houses and lands. This is the new generation of landless in the ‘developed’ world. Eventually, most of these properties are going to be end up in the hands of banks, corporations and the economically powerful, who were benefited by the present crisis.

As state democracy is non-existent, the real solution is solidarity, helping each other in these difficult times.


[1] Salmon F (2011).  The global youth unemployment crisis. Retrieved on the 20th of February 2012 from:


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