Paradigms of living solidarity from Greece [Part 3]: Unemployed youth feeds the hungry in Athens – Allos Anthropos

People are weaving solidarity networks to withstand a deep crisis. ‘O allos anthropos’ serves free food to those who need it in the streets and squares of Athens – a simple thing that institutions fail to deliver.

In December 2011 a group of young people, unemployed themselves, while strolling in Athens they faced a dramatic scene of two children fighting in front of a waste bin for some rotten foodstuff. That was shocking enough for them to start their own initiative by setting up street ‘social kitchens’ in different locations. Since then they have fed thousands of people in more than 50 events. As the numbers of poor, hungry and homeless have been increasing rapidly in Greece, such actions provide direct solutions to people overlooked by authorities.

The concept is fairly simple but is driven by noble feelings of compassion and solidarity: they ask from restaurant owners for food surpluses as well as they receive foodstuff or money donations on-the-spot from common people to cook for the next time. Some equipment and a kitchen has been granted to them as well. They visit different places each time, mostly in the centre of Athens, almost every day.  Every Sunday, a weekly program is uploaded to inform people and mostly volunteers that want to help by cooking and serving the people. The food is served for free

It was astonishing for them that even in Kolonaki area, a prestigious wealthy neighbourhood, they served 60 meals of lentil soup. The people behind this initiative have experienced themselves this crisis quite harshly, but although they are unemployed, they decided to break passivism and take action. They hope that with their solidarity actions will awaken the consciousness of other people and inspire them to start more actions and groups.  The name of the group is ‘O Allos Antrhopos’ (Greek: ο άλλος άνθρωπος) which means ‘the other human [person]’ means for the group members ‘what is really happening in the mind of other people in times of crisis, poverty and hunger’.

If you live in Athens and you can help out by cooking, serving or collecting foodstuff. You can also cook something at home and bring it daily from 1100 to 1300 hours at Tsamadou 15, Exarcheia Athens. ‘O Allos Anthropos’ also needs:

  • Folding tables
  • Gas bottles and gas stove
  • Kitchen papers, detergents and other kitchen utensils
  • Van for transport
  • Laptop etc.

The next ‘soup kitchens’ are going to take place in the following locations:

Tomorrow, Wednesday 15 Feb at metro station ‘Evagelismos’ – 1400hours

Thursday 16 Feb at Ermou street – 1400 hours

Friday 17 Feb at Exarcheia square – 1400hours

Sunday 19 Feb at Syntagma square – 1400hours

The first celebration of the initiatives is going to take place coming Thursday the 18th of February at Tsamadou street 15 in Exarcheia area of Athens from 1900 hours onwards with food and music. For more information visit their website.


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In Greek:

‘Ο άλλος άνθρωπος’ έιναι μια καινούργια πρωτοβουλία δωρεάν προσφοράς φαγητού σε αυτούς που το χρειάζονται. Μαγειρεύουμε όλοι μαζί, τρώμε όλοι μαζί, βοηθάμε ο ένας τον άλλο.
‘Ο άλλος άνθρωπος’ χρειάζεται τρόφιμα, εξοπλισμό όπως και ακτιβιστές για μαγείρεμα, σερβίρισμα και συλλογή πρώτων υλών.
Το πρόγραμμα για τις επόμενες μέρες έχει ως εξεις:
  • Κυριακή 19/2/2012 στις 14:00 στην πλατεία Συντάγματος
  • Παρασκευή 17/2/2012 στις 14:00 στην πλατεία Εξαρχείων.
  • ΤσικνοΠέμπτη 16/2/2012 στις 14:00 στην πλατεία Καπνικαρέας, Ερμού.
  • Τετάρτη 15/2/2012 στις 14:00 στον Ευαγγελισμό, στην πάνω έξοδο του μετρό.
Το website βρίσκεται εδώ.
Κοινωνική Κουζίνα
“Ο άλλος άνθρωπος”
Στέκι Μεταναστών – Κοινωνικό Κέντρο
Τσαμαδού 13-15, Εξάρχεια
τηλ.: Κωνσταντίνος: 6980712657, Καλλιόπη: 6975872638


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