Greek Uprising: solidarity to a decisive multitude

Greece is in a very vulnerable condition at the moment. This deeply corrupt political system, which has been benefiting from all the years by receiving loans from foreign lenders is defunct in a difficult moment, when the loaners are pushing the country to destitution while pushing it further to debt.

They have plans to sell all public assets, public lands etc. at a very low price now that everything is devaluated. At the same time they ask people to endure more taxes, but people are unemployed and many are pushed to poverty and homelessness. At the same time people feel more powerless than ever to shape their own future according to their needs and wants. Democracy is severely hit, since the decisions are taken directly from IMF and the EU, which are institutions not voted by anyone in Greece. It is time to stand up to the responsibilities of the present situation and join together a solution by the people for the people.

Tomorrow, the second memorandum will be voted in the Greek parliament. It is composed of many reforms that are demanded by the lenders which are odious (20% reduction of salaries etc.). It has been rushed by the troika by many unconstitutional means to be ‘passed’ by a government which is not representing the Greek voters. This government has been appointed as ‘transitional’ after the fall of the previous one.

Tomorrow at Syntagma square in the centre of Athens from 1700hours onwards there is a covergence gathering by every person that wants to participate for shaping her own future.

Solidarity to each person that is going to express his dissent to the subjugation of the country to its lenders and the unjust reforms that are enforced without any democratic means.


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