Freegan Kolektiva: Celebrating 3 months

Like today three months ago, on November 11th 2011, Freegan Kolektiva was set in motion. Back then we were not much familiar with a lot of the tools we use today, even social media like facebook. In these three months we have been  learning intensively and we can say that things have changed a lot by now.

We have been refining our ways of combining words and images. We want to stand on the creative side, putting out a lot of original material as well as displaying the sources of our information. We also want to keep a positive approach and include as much as possible, next to our social commentary, opportunities for people to act. It is an important role of grassroots media to do so; it is all about our own empowerment, not just empty words. We mostly want to talk about the great works of common, everyday people not TV personas.

We perceive the ‘FK blend’ as quite refreshing, combining music and recipes with social and ecological issues. We would like to include more basic info on core issues like ‘veganism’, ‘freeganism’ and ‘post-materialism’ alongside other topics. We would like to invite you all in constructive dialogue with Freegan Kolektiva, as we see this zine as a hub of emerging culture.

We are grateful for your support during these past three months. It has been an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.


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