Record Review: DU3normal – Early Grey (2012, DubCombe Records)

Today is the first official release of DU3normal and DubCombe Records. This EP offers 4 tracks, loyal to the dub tradition for relaxation and meditation over a cup of tea in a grey, misty morning.

Genre: Dub / UK Steppers

Country: Hungary

Artist Website: Reverbnation

Label: DubCombe Records

This is the third dub review in a row for today and the timeliest. Today is both the official debut of DU3normal and DubCombe Records! There are more good news: since the DubCombe operates under the Creative Commons license, offers the music for free   so that you can download it no matter how many ACTAs and SOPAs are going to appear.

DubCombe was formed to share the passion for dub music and it is being run by people involved in  Jungle’n’Wobbles Radio as well as Ephedrina Netlabel. DU3normal, after playing bass in different reggae bands for 10 years he decided to produce his own dubs in 2010. Although he comes from Budapest, Hungary, he has some island vibes in the sound, especially in the last track ‘Relax’. The sound is dub-centered with no deflections. It is a mix of dub of the classic era with a European vibe, especially UK steppers.

DU3normal – Relax (Steppa Mix):

The most evident characteristic of DU3normal is heaviness as beats and bass are quite pronounced, driving the songs. As the EP progresses, the songs are becoming more infectious. ‘Budapest’ presents a typical dub/reggae theme from start to finish, while ‘Fat Breakfast’ drops some 1980’s keys in the mix that gave me a bit of Jahtari style feel. The third number ‘Shadowsteppa’ is a homage to UK stepper dub style (Alpha and Omega, Disciples etc.), with some innovative samples. It is a personal favourite from this EP, along with the last track ‘Relax (Steppa Mix)’ which sounds so positive, shining and uplifting – mixing island dubbing with heavy kick drumbeats to stuff you with some energy. The sounds used on this track remind me the dreamy, spiritual sounding productions of Augustus Pablo.

I agree with DU3normal that this music is ideal for a break in the day (breaks are important whatever you do) and peaceful meditation as depicted on the cover. This music is about enjoying a cup of tea in the rainy winter morning when the skies are grey and filling you with sunshine and kindness for all what is around.

Download the EP for free here


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