Music Review: Morphy – The Three Wise Dubs EP (2011, charity giveaway self-release)

Morphy is carving his own way in dub music, featuring a more expansive palette characterized by innovation, hypnotic pulses and earthly, emotional timbres.  Download it for free – support a charity for the homeless.

Genre: Dub / Ambient Dub / Experimental

Country: UK

Artist Website: Soundcloud

Label: Self-released, charity giveaway

Morphy is a well-respected dub producer from UK that has managed to form his own brand of sound, which is experimental, hypnotic and captivating. In this EP he shows a compassionate character by sharing his music for free by asking people to send some money to the ‘Crisis’ initiative, which supports homeless people in UK.

‘Gold Dub’ starts in an ambient atmosphere akin to Biosphere fused after the 1 minute mark with an ‘insisting’ deep dub bassline. The sound is smooth with sparse tribal percussions and a melodic touch. It requires a moment out of the traffic of everyday hassle to really appreciate this music.

‘Francincence Dub’ features a bass even more hypnotic to an overall mellow, sable and emotional composition. This track is even more abstract dub, it is actually ambient with a lot of fluid & earthly sounds that can reinforce a contemplative, reflexive state of mind.

Beats return in ‘Myrrh Dub’, very slow and tribalesque with ‘aerial’ and ‘oceanic’ effects and some minimal oldschool licks. It reminds a bit of early work of Italian Dubbers Jambassa, but much more into stretched-out ambience.

Morphy has incorporated his influences into perfection to carve his own path in music; he combines Bill Laswell’s experimentation, early atmospheric dubstep, dub straight from the originators and minimal/ambient music. This shows that he is a visioned artist, unafraid to follow his own path. He is also on the rise, as shown by his performance in Wee Dub Festival 2012 a few days ago. Morphy has released material through many independent labels including Alphacut, Translation, Exit, Voodoo Function and Nerve.

Morphy did his best to bear a good cause. We know how hard is to go through the winter without the warmth of a house, especially in a cold country like UK. Where failing policies stop, humanity begins. In Morphy’s own words:

“When you’re homeless, winter can be the hardest time of all. Cold, hungry and alone, there’s often nothing to enjoy, no one to be with, and little hope of anything better.

If you decide to download this EP, all I ask is that you please donate whatever you feel you can to Crisis on my Just Giving page here.”

You can learn more about Crisis charity here


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