Wee Dub Festival 2012: Distilling a 40 year strong musical history

The immense diversity of dub music is celebrated at the Wee Dub Festival 2012 in Edinburgh, Scotland, starting from tomorrow. Dub music, with a 40 year history, is ever-changing and cross-pollinating to rediscover itself in the present.

As mentioned in the previous post, dub music, is alive & vibrating at the moment. This time the dub scene is even more conscious of its roots, respecting the whole body of its history. We do not know whether we are experiencing a creative peak or it is the constant flux of experimentation and innovation which is an intrinsic trait of dub. No matter what, Jungle, Dubstep, Reggae, Dancehall and World music have never been more entangled under the dub banner than now.

The place where dub music has been most celebrated throughout its almost 40 year history is definitely UK. Although dub originated in Jamaican studios and street dances the genre did not receive the continuous support that enjoyed in England. With massive soundsystems and producers from Jah Shaka to Alpha & Omega & from Vibrnonics to Iration Steppas and from there to the ragga-junglist movement, dub roots have been omnipresent and constantly evolving in the UK music scene. The last decade, French dubsters displayed equal prowess, but when seen historically, still UK is the epicentre of dub.

However, Scotland did not follow much of the sustained dub craze, until Mungo’s Hi Fi set up the stage where Riddim Tuffa Sound producers emerge and ‘Wee Dub Festival’ now expands. What started last year as a one day event has become a full 3-day festival in 2012. Legendary dub producer Mad Professor and dub pioneers Zion Train are the honourable headliners. They are accompanied by crucial artists like locals Mungo’s Hi Fi and Riddim Tuffa Sound, rootstep specialist Radikal Guru (feat Ciann Finn)  and sufist spiritual dubsters Celt Islam. Moreover there will be live performances from Dub Mafia (interesting how the French style bounces back to England). live melodica dubsters Slackship and Scottish skasters Esperanza.  Big Toe Hi Fi will amp the place for Mad Professor with a 19K reggae rig.

Wee Dub Festival is comprised of ‘sessions’, which are live gigs, soundsystem dances, dub workshops and film screenings. The festival organizers considered even the young visitors as there are also children activities in the early sessions like dub music experimentation. Mad Professor, in his ‘Roots of Dub’ workshop (like his last album) will go through his whole music history with a mixing desk and a soundsystem unraveling a journey from dub relics to contemporary dubstep. The festival offers also ‘Dreadlock making’ and ‘How to build a speaker’ workshops served over Ital food.

Edinburgh music lovers and UK dubheads will have incredible times. Here is the link to the festival’s website: http://weedubfestival.co.uk/

Celt Islam – Dervish (feat Inder Goldfinger):


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