Dubbing & Sharing: Dexter Dub – Dubstep Inna Dubwize Style part 2 (Subbass Podcast 12)

A digital mixtape harvesting  the ‘Rootstep’ sound. Crucial songs with hard beats, trembling basslines and dub righteousness.

Dubstep has been always related to the original dub roots of the 1970’s, as transformed during the 1980s by UK dub and later jungle producers. Although musically it is based more on 2-step garage and grime, it was fused to render dub riddims with slow paces and meditative atmospheres as well as d’n’b patterns (which are offshoots of jungle themselves). As the dubstep sound crystallized into a genre capable to stand on its own right, it became the prime exponent of bass music enjoying commercial success in both sides of the Atlantic.

As the popularity of dubstep has been rising dramatically, its bonds with roots music (dub, reggae, dancehall, jungle) weaned. However, a growing number of artists emerged to fill exactly that niche, where dubstep and roots music merge. The ‘Rootstep’ sound has been consistently defined over the last few years with artists like Radikal Guru, RSD, Alpha  Steppa, Kalbata and Mungo’s Hi Fi among others. At the same time mythical dub producers like Lee Perry and Scientist responded to the new sound, releasing dubstep oriented music. Other dub veterans like Zion Train (and Abassi Hi Powa) have featured dub productions and remixes as well as legendary roots music labels like Souljazz and Greensleeves have released crucial dubstep compilations – not to forget French dub artists like High Tone and Full Dub.

Dexter Dub – ‘Dubstep Dubwize’ mixtape for free download:

Dexter Dub’s digital mixtape, named ‘Dubstep Inna Dubwize Style part 2’, comes in this rootstep vibration.  Putting together tracks from many of the aforementioned artists, this mix session is a consistent harvest of the roots dubstep sound.  It displays three (!) powerful entries of Radical Guru remixes, a majestic 7 minute start of a stunning, spirited Lee Perry and amazing tracks from DJ Shy (Big up and bun her), Kalbata (Ninja We Ninja feat Ninja Ford) and Dreadsquad (feat Tenor Fly – Adam Faz Dubstep Rmx). This session proves that dub-rooted bass music is more than alive, honouring its origins at the same time

Dexter Dub is a producer, remixer and DJ from Cologne, Germany specialized in ‘Dubwize Dubstep’ and Ragga/Jungle music. Although active since 1997, his first album  ‘Dexter’s Dub Dimension’ came out in 2010. He has been recording and producing in his own studio (Nippes Home Productions) since 2001. This digital mixtape came out from the Subbass imprint, based in Heidelberg, Germany, which is dedicated to exposing talented artists from the German dubstep underground. Subbass is a free netlabel, with its releases available for free download. Subbass is run by DJ/producer Speciez, who is a member of Dubwars crew and a ‘Tiefdruck’ (Dubstep dances at Klub K, Heidelberg) organizer.


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