Record Review: Full Dub – Potentiodub EP (ODG Productions)

Potentiodub is another fine effort that demonstrates the true exploratory spirit of French Dub as artfully integrating here Electro, Dubstep and Ethnic influences on a vintage dub basis. Full Dub proposes a refined distillation of dub legacy, a more ‘complete’ blend, a creative ‘meta-dubstep’ sound.

Genre: French Dub/Electro
Country: France
Artist Website: Facebook
Label: ODG Productions


France is maybe the country where Dub music feels most comfortable the last many years with a long list of artists and frequent events. It is a place where dub music has proved to be what it is meant to be: a ‘loose’, fertile ground for experimentation and musical evolution, emancipated from concrete patterns and forms. Dub, which is playful, intricate and adventurous by default, has been expanded in France to become a sort of integrative live audiovisual artform.

‘Full Dub’, hailing from Dijon, France, is a music player and producer that puts instrumental and electronic dub in the mix. While it is only his second release under the Full Dub banner (check 2011’s Conception EP), he is founder of the ‘Gravity Association’, active in the alternative scene of France.

Full Dub in the ‘Potentiodub’ EP does exactly what the words he chose convey: exploring the potentials of Dub in its wholeness. While his sound is primarily rooted in French-style dub (similar to Kaly Live Dub and High Tone) of the previous decade, he makes sure to have a good grip on the whole history of dub and its evolution.

Some hints of UK dub (e.g. ‘The Fateful Night’) are there, a couple of refined and subtle dubstep basslines (e.g. ‘The Red Dragon’), some ethnic/oriental/classical samples as well as electro/psy elements while the original dub roots are lurking underneath at the basic layer of music and mentality.

Full Dub – Self-Fulfilling Prophecy:

The production is competent and delivers all frequencies consistently. The whole range of Full Dub’s explorations are laying under a dark veil, as aptly portrayed in the b/w cover of the album. The black and adventurous character of the music is a trademark of French dub (especially as we expect a darker sound from ODG’s upcoming album ‘Bad Side’).

From the explorative electro-dub wobbles of ‘Self Fulfilling Prophecy’ to the gloomy Eastern express of ‘Dub Black Orient’ and the hard-bass dance-prowess of ‘The Fateful Night’ and ‘The Red Dragon’ Full Dub proves to be a craftsman of dub science. Instead of over-populating his music with dozens of dubstep elements as many producers still do, he indicates at a ‘post-dubstep’ era, where dubstep rudiments are more selectively integrated in ‘the larger body of dub legacy and consciousness’. The sound of this era will be probably more distilled, refined and complete.

Songs like ‘The Red Dragon’ are maybe the most prominent examples how French Dub/UK dub/Electro Dub styles can be artfully blended with Dubstep without undermining their own presence or sacrificing a more continuous flow in the music. This integration here is more successful from the black & white version of High Tone’s sound in 2010’s ‘Out Back’ album. Potentiodub proposes ‘Full Dub’ instead of Dubstep. Then, the only thing that I can do here is to encourage any dubhead or music enthusiast to experience this EP.

We are grateful for the generous offer of both Full Dub and ODG Productions. You can download the whole EP with the layout for free here.

Full Dub – The Red Dragon:


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